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The 13 Bands We Are Most Excited To See During CMJ 2010.

October 18, 2010
The 13 Bands We Are Most Excited To See During CMJ 2010 ("Why 13, Rockness? So random." Well Johnny, it's 13 because everyone does 10 and we're feeling lucky!

As the title suggests (actually, it pretty much states), here are the 13 bands we are most excited to see at this year's CMJ. Click on their band name to get a full rundown of the shows they are playing in the next week.

Oh, and if your favorite band that's playing CMJ didn't make this list, it's not because we don't love them. It's because we don't like them.

(Actually, it's because there are too many good bands playing this thing.)

Gobble Gobble- Wonderfully weird synth pop. And Gobble Gobble's Wrinklecarver just may be our favorite song of the year. Just sayin'.

Teen Daze - Staying with the whole electro-pop thing... Teen Daze sounds like Junior Boys Jr., according to some tweeter on Twitter. Warmness.

Gold Panda - About that electro... here's more electro! But these beats aren't as warm as Teen Daze... these beats are more like BEATS. You know, club style.

Braids - Classical-pop like Broken Social Scene, perhaps? I don't know... I just (don't) work here. I do know they aren't from Urbana though.

Unremarkable People - Scratchy, happy pop. If you don't like scratchy, happy pop then what kind of sick, twisted person are you? I bet you don't like scratch 'n sniff stickers too, eh? You even detest the kind that smell JUST like bananas. Sick and twisted, that's what you are.

Jaill - Bar pop. What, The Hold Steady is the only band that can rock bar pop? Screw The Hold Steady! And screw NPR! Just kidding. We like both of those things. We also like bars. And pop.

Cloud Nothings - Young DIY pop wonderkind. Sort of like Wild Nothing, but more punk rock.

Mathemagic - Swirly, hazy, shoegaze-y jams made possible by an abacus and a Moleskine.

Wild Nothing - Young DIY pop wonderkind. Sort of like Cloud Nothings, but more beach-y.

CoolRunnings - How many people before me (and after me) will make bobsledding jokes when talking about this noisy eccentro-pop band? By the way, bobsledding jokes are the best kind of joke because they are so hard to pull off... and turn. Aye, mon!

Greatest Hits - We love wacky jams. We also love beef jerkey. But not that kind that comes in plastic. The kind that comes from a glass jar next to those brown workman gloves with tread on the palms.

Computer Magic - Future star alert is in order for this one woman synthness. Then again, Chris Sabo was a future star and look how he turned out.

Restless People - Restless People rides the subway. I wonder how they feel about the fare increase? Probably stresses them out.

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