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Dag, Games! Dag!

September 27, 2010
If I ever meet the two guys in Brooklyn's Games I'll tell them one thing, and one thing only: quit playin' games with my heart. And then I'd pause and say, "with my heart... my heart." Maybe this gets my heart all mixed up because these beats are so instantly likeable and, dare I say, danceable. That always throws my heart for loops and bleeps and clicks.

This fantastically catchy electro duo is longtime pals, Joel Ford (also in Tigercity) and Daniel Lopatin (who does Oneohtrix Point Never). Here's one thing you need to know about Games: samples. Here's another you need to know: synths. Here's one final thing you need to know: these two like to get DOWN... they like to get DOWNTOWN like Julie BROWN.

If you want some funk in your stuff, I suggest going out and seeing Games do their button pushing, lever pulling, mixtape making thing. I want to see Games play on a stage with Javelin and Gold Panda. Just so I can walk up to them afterwards and tell them my heart can't take all the games, Games. My head says no, but my hips say DANCE.

Games play Coco 66, on Friday, October 8th.


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