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Unremarkable People rock the scratchy + happy lo-fi!

September 27, 2010
I bet you haven't heard of this band, but I bet someday soon you will. Like, errr, right now (the above lines will be hopelessly outdated soon). Brooklyn's Unremarkable People plays jubilant lo-fi pop that sort of sound like a mix between Titus Andronicus and Matt & Kim.

These songs are scratchy and happy. And woah, this big ass band features eight members (wait, maybe nine), and all those guys seem to like snappy rhythms and tempos that pop and prefer to go UP. It's good stuff. Everyone needs a little happy rock in their lives every now and then, right?

This (as of now) relatively unknown band spent the summer of 2010 releasing some EPs (five, actually... what is it with this band and big numbers?), so if you do a little digging you should be able to hear plenty of new Unremarkable People jams. And I bet you like what you hear, too. What can I say? I'm a betting man.

Unremarkable People play Tommy's Tavern, on Thursday, September 30th.


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