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Merzbow = LOUD

September 21, 2010
Gimme noise! Lots and lots of noise. Japan's Merzbow (a.k.a. Masami Akita) is the quintessential pioneer of the "extreme" noise scene. Using computers and other hi-tech gadgets, Merzbow creates Surrealist- and Dadaist-inspired sounds that will destroy your ears in ways never before thought possible. This guy is also one of the most prolific artists EVER. He has released over 50 records, and has shown no signs of slowing down (he worked on a 50+ CD box set!).

At a Merzbow show, a big bucket of earplugs is often provided free of charge at the door. If these weren't so prominently provided, the clubs owners could probably be sued (with good cause) for negligence. There's loud like Lightning Bolt, and then there's LOUD like Merzbow. It's an aural experience that's challenging at best, and punishing at worst. Like some of the best art, be prepared for pain.

Merzbow plays two shows at Issue Project Room, on Thursday, September 23rd, and at (le) poisson rouge, on Sunday, September 26th.


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