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Helen Money makes cello-punk!

August 30, 2010
Imagine if a cellist made punk rock. How's that dream feel in your head? Pretty good, right? I'd be into it. Ok, now you can stop imagining because that dream ain't no dream. That dream is Chicago's real live Helen Money.

Helen Money is Alison Chesley, a cellist with an extensive rocker background. She used to be in that band, Verbow. Remember them? I sort of do. As Helen Money, though, Chesley takes her rock 'n roll past and twists it up for the present... now she just rocks out with a cello. Yep, that's it. Just a cello. Who needs guitar squeals and cymbal crashes anyway?

The sound that comes out of this single cello is dissonant, sometimes jarring, and well, just pretty punk rock sounding. Plus, she plays it with plenty of punk flair. John Williams this is not.

Helen Money is currently on tour with punk legends Shellac, and has collaborated with tons of other big bands like Broken Social Scene, Mono, and woah, even Anthrax.

Her latest album was recorded by the guy who recorded Pelican, Russian Circles and Neurosis, and Helen Money's sound fits in nicely with those three bands... which is crazy because... this is punk... made... with a cello. Go see her play and I bet you'll be mesmerized.

Helen Money plays The Bell House (with Shellac!), on Tuesday, September 7th.


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