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Tennis play perfect pop.

August 16, 2010
Denver's Tennis is the extremely pleasant pop (married) duo of Patrick and Alaina Moore (she's got a nice voice). Together, they make sunny songs meant for sailboats... literally. You see, the pair spent 8-months sailing around an ocean instead of, I don't know, surfing the internet at some soul-sucking job, maybe?

And during those 8 months, they had a lot of time to write these seriously snappy pop songs. Man, that rules. Tennis is totally just like Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone! You know, when he shows up in NYC with that big old boat to take what's-her-face away from it all?

We always fantasized about sailing away... the closest we ever got was the drive-thru at Long John Silvers. God bless you, Tennis, for actually doing it. Get their 7" on the always-excellent Underwater Peoples record label (Julian Lynch, Frat Dad, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks).

Tennis plays Cake Shop, on Wednesday, August 25th, and Glasslands, on Thursday, August 26th.


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