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Hooray for Pop.

August 9, 2010
NYC's Hooray for Earth sound big and famous even if they are still relatively unknown. But even if they aren't a band on a billboard just quite yet, they sure write songs catchy enough to ensure that one day their mugs will grin down on the great asphalt sea of commuters.

These four guys incorporate plenty of guitars and keys to create big anthems that the whole family can enjoy. After all, even my grandma likes soaring choruses. Hooray for Earth can be considered slightly new-wave (synths) in a rock 'n roll (riffs) kind of way. Perhaps they're like a less fabricated The Killers meets the French Kicks.

There's no doubt these guys could be FM radio-ready if they wanted to be, which is due in no small part to Hooray for Earth having a singer (Noel Heroux) that can actually, you know, sing. It's just a perfectly enjoyable listen.

Hooray for Earth play Bowery Ballroom, on Friday, August 20th.


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