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Small Brown Bike are back!

May 3, 2010
Small Brown Bike Foreva! Apparently, this under-appreciated band is really back together again. Brilliant! Way to go, brothers! I've long been a fan of these lovely Michigan punk-core kids and was thrilled to be able see them in 2004 at (what was then) one of their final shows. I got straight-up goose bumps from their guitars that night. That's how you know you've been good and rocked: goose bumps.

During their run (1996-2004), Small Brown Bike pulled off the "aggressive/melodic" like few bands could. They were hard and spazzy, but you could also sing along to their four-minute anthems, too. I like to think of them as nestled snuggly between Christie Front Drive's emo and Yaphet Kotto's punk bombast. I'm excited for their return. And this time, I'll make sure to come prepared. I'll bring a sweater. Goosebumps can suck.

Small Brown Bike play Cake Shop, on Friday, May 14th.


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