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Early Man are pretty...pretty insane.

October 06, 2005
Are you ready for some heavy Matador metal? Early Man (one of Matador's most recent signings) simply slays, in all their Sabbath glory. Like their name suggests, this shit is primitive, back-to-the-basics rock... rapid fire guitar riffs, tons of cymbal crashes, and vocal wails that sure sound like "The Oz."

The sonic boom sound this band projects is huge, which makes it all the more mind-blowing that Early Man are just a duo. After all, what more do you need than someone to sing and slay, and another to hit the skins with unbridled fury.

While peers like The Fucking Champs mix equal parts metal and irony, there is nothing ironic about Early Man. They want to be the next Sabbath, the next Judas Priest, the next Iron Maiden... and the first, Early Man.

Early Man opens for Turbonegro at Webster Hall, Tuesday, October 11th.


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