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Average Girl: alt-country rock for big time rock 'n rollers.

January 26, 2010
Glen Rock, New Jersey has got it going on (what's up, Titus Andronicus & Liam the Younger). Don't confuse Glen Rock with Ridgewood (what's up, Real Estate and Ducktails and Fluffy Lumbers) even though the two towns are only five minutes away. Just don't confuse them. Ever.

Anyway, Average Girl is an energetic trio from Glen Rock that plays boozy alt-country rock 'n roll for straight-up rock 'n rollers. By that, I guess I mean you don't have to be keen on country to be down with these dudes. You could even think Wilco is one of the worst bands on the planet and still really like Average Girl. But maybe I'm just talking about my own personal issues here.

The band lists their influences as Uncle Tupelo, Modest Mouse, The Boss, Townes Van Zandt and Lucero. Boom; sounds right to me. But perhaps throw in a little Tom Waits too, if only because singer Matt Benjamin's vocals sometimes do that sandpaper growl thing that Waits performs to imperfect perfection.

So if you like a little twang with your rapid guitar riffs, harmonic hums, and drunken keyboard solos (these keys are probably perfectly sober at all times, but they sound wasted to me), Average Girl just might be your new favorite band. I want to drink to them. I would never drink to Wilco. Ever. And I will never confuse Glen Rock with Ridgewood. Ever.

Average Girl plays Matchless, on Saturday, February 6th.


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