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Beach Fossils, take me away!

August 24, 2009
There are lots of new lo-fi bands out there that are obsessed with sand. By their sound, it seems all these groups really just want to be selling seashells by the seashore. There's Real Estate and Best Coast and Ducktails (maybe Small Black), not to mention the whole Underwater Peoples label roster, and now Beach Fossils.

Beach Fossils is the work of Brooklyn's Dustin Payseur and I tell you, his songs make us feel happy; so happy we want to chase Annette Funicello around with crazy Frankie Avalon. So happy we'd start a beach campfire, roast some dogs, and not even care if Johnny and his rough crew showed up and started bullying people with their bikes. Beach Fossils is great guitar jingle-jangle with that lo-fi pop distortion we've all come to know and distinguish by now.

If you like the beach, any of the above mentioned bands (and Blank Dogs too), or have a special place in your heart for itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis, you'll like Beach Fossils.

Beach Fossils play The Cameo Gallery, on Saturday, August 29th.


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