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Akron/Family play North Six.

September 1, 2005
Akron/Family have quietly been making some of the most unique music in Brooklyn the past few years. The band's epic electro-acoustic-psych-country-freak-folk sound may finally be primed to break out with the emergence of similar artists like Devendra Banhart and Animal Collective.

Akron/Family write wonderfully skewed compositions and, using crude home recording systems, strive for the pure, the raw and the spontaneous. Squeaking chairs in the background become extra sonic support for the guitars, simultaneous thumping of each band member's chest aids the drums in percussion. Through it all, Akron/Family add a playful spirit to their serious talent. This may be a little freaky for some, but hey, at least they all sport killer beards.

Akron/Family play North Six, Saturday, September 3rd.


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