We love unhealthy line-ups. Five SICK bands rock the Brooklyn Bowl. - Oh My Rockness

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We love unhealthy line-ups. Five SICK bands rock the Brooklyn Bowl.

August 17, 2009
We love it when every band on a bill can rock it pretty good. And that's just what's happening on Thursday, August 27th. It's Insound's 10-year birthday bash! Not only are Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Drums, These Are Powers, Real Estate and one special guest playing, but there will also be some free Brooklyn Brewery beer. Oh yeah, bowling too. For only $10. Nice. Here's a little bit more information about thre of the bands playing.

Cymbals Eat Guitars- This Staten Island band makes a big sound, and not in the Broken Social Scene oh-everything-is-so-precious-and-chamber-and-orchestral sort of way. This is big sound in the indie ROCK, sort of way. Cymbals Eat Guitars are primarily a -- wait for it -- guitar-driven band. Singer/guitarist Joseph "Ferocious" D'Agostino lets it all out. His urgent, slightly off-kilter vocals remind me a bit of Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse meets Tim Kinsella. It's pretty much exactly what you want from your frontman. Well, what I want anyway. This music swirls and soars and distorts and dips. And it works. 4 members, my butt. I'm sticking with my 40 member theory.

The Drums- By now you're probably sick of us saying how much we love The Drums. But if you get sick from love, well, that's not the healthiest way to live, now is it? This blissful band just knows how to write a song that shimmers and sparkles and jingles and jangles. Every song they play sounds like a potential summer hit. The Drums list some of their influences as being The Wake, The Smiths and Joy Division. But why not throw in some New Order too? But whatever and wherever they cull their influences, our motto has always been "breezy guitars + easy beats + dynamic vocals = bro-ham party time." The Drums' music all adds up to something that's nice and lovely and happy. Plus, singer Jonathan Pierce certainly puts the "show" in going to a show. He shimmys and shakes, he croons high, he croons low. In other words, a star is born.

Real Estate- A breezy, easy-feeling group out of New Jersey, this band plays pretty carefree sunshine-y pop with a little hint of psych-ness (and maybe a little surf). Their music will set you adrift on memory bliss (where, oh where, have you gone, P.M. Dawn?). With songs about beaches and pools and lakes (not to mention one about "suburban beverages") this is a band that's fully aware that laid-back is the best bet. And really, you're not going to expect much in-your-face angst from a band that lists the Doobie Brothers as an influence ("woah-oh-oh, listen to the music!"). Real Estate makes music meant for summertime floating; an inner tube hugging your butt and a coozy nestled calmly between your thighs (wait, I think I just described Prince by accident). They're just kind of, you know, easy.


Cymbals Eat Guitars, These Are Powers, The Drums, Real Estate and a Special Guest play Brooklyn Bowl, on Thursday, August 27th.


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