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Children are heavy --- especially in the American suburbs.

July 20, 2009
You shall know their velocity! This band Children is HEAVY, man. And this music, it ain't no trip to Cleveland (not sure what that means, just always wanted to say it).

Children are a trio from NYC that makes some seriously epic metal. It kind of destroys, and they know it too. After all, it's accepted stage etiquette that no one should bang their head of lush locks unless they're absolutely positive they indeed rule. Children have earned the right to head bang.

The band features the destructive drumming of Early Man's Adam Bennati. He's sick. But perhaps even more twisted are the two guitar dudes (hell no, this band doesn't need no bassist!). Skyler Spohn and Jonny "Rad" Ollsin face off and stage epic guitar duels that are the musical equivalent of Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr. Someone's going to get hurt out there with twenty fingers flying this fast up and down the frets.

Thankfully, it's only rock 'n roll, so it's all in good fun (neck sprains and painful finger blisters aside). Who said rock 'n roll was dead? No one did (except for music journalists who like to start their articles with that question).

Children play Union Pool, on Wednesday, July 29th.


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