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Les Savy Fav, Thunderbirds are NOW, and Rahim play Bowery Ballroom.

August 25, 2005
There's something exhilarating about going to see a show and being completely blown away by unknown opening acts. This is not one of those shows. I know, and love, and would go to see all three of the bands (Les Savy Fav, Thunderbirds Are Now!, Rahim) on this bill. Actually, I have seen all of these bands as headliners and each can easily hold their own. But fortunately for the not-so-dormant lazy man in me, they all are playing in one convenient place, Bowery Ballroom, this Friday night (and hey, with famous Fred Armisen too). I love when that happens.

Headlining this show of headliners is Les Savy Fav. You know... the band with that beastly front man who shudders and shimmies 'til you can get your sweaty spazz off. A Les Savy show is a site to behold. Trust me, these guys are REAL art-holes on stage, mixing attitude with controlled, chaotic angularity. Les Savy still very much on top of their game, even though you may find Tim Harrington on top of you. Over the past decade, they've slowly, steadily and surely built a following of reckless youth who crowd the stage and dare the bewildering big man to jump on top of them. Harrington's stage (dive) theatrics are always the best part of seeing Les Savy live. He's insane. But a band can't successfully endure for a decade on a flailing front man's antics alone. Les Savy's extraordinarily eccentric dance-pop-punk has a catchiness so infectious it may never die. There is always talk that these guy are one show away from hanging up the cleats, so see them now so you may one day recount how Harrington squashed you.

Also playing are Frenchkiss label mates Thunderbirds are Now! Although it's more like, Thunderbirds are WOW! (sorry, I just had to say that again). Yee-haw, these guys rule! Who saw them play at the Knitting Factory Old Office a few months back? It bordered on legendary, right? If you say nay, you probably weren't drunk enough. Detroit's TAN! play catchy keyboard rock with much help from wiry post-punk guitars, killer cowbells and even maracas. This is sassy rhythm rock with a sly, rambunctious spirit that will get even the meekest of the meek up to dance. Ok maybe they won't get all you shy dudes to actually dance, but at the very least, they'll certainly inspire a vigorous nod of enthusiasm. Yelps, wails and struts to synths. What else do you need? Oh, did we mention TAN! have "killer" licks? Seriously, we love licks that "kill."

I know we talk about Rahim ALL THE TIME, but what can we do? Our hands our tied on this one... if you come across a band on whose music you can depend, you must recommend. Rahim is hands-down one of our favorite new bands. Think melodic, art-pop similar to Afghan Whigs meets the headliners meets a little bit of Fugazi. Rahim have tremendously strong melodies supported by a plastic-whistle-blowing drummer, a keyboardist/bassist/sometime drummer, and a guitarist/vocalist who spins his clever web of words into something that actually rocks. It's refreshing to see a band live who are actually into what they're playing, and excited about being on stage. If you guys have fun up there, we have fun down here. And Rahim shows are always fun. Get there early and see them. They¡¯re seriously better than Chicken Pad Thai.

Fred "SNL" Armisen is also doing his thing this night. He was the drummer for old school Chicago post-rockers Trenchmouth, he performed with Blue Man Group, and probably banged some things on painfully awkward "live" sketches. But this ain't TV, this is the Bowery. And he should rise to meet the occasion. We hear his set involves different characters, costume changes, and videos that are sure to be high on the hilarity. Look out, now!

Les Savy Fav, Thunderbirds are Now!, Rahim, and Fred Armisen play Friday, August 26th at Bowery Ballroom.


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