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The Drums: OMR's favorite new band.

June 8, 2009
We're about to write about one of our very favorite new bands. Ready? Here it comes! Pre-tty... pre-tty... pre-tty... catchy. That's our attempt at a Larry David impression. But it's also a fine way to begin a profile for The Drums.

As of this writing, this band has played exactly two shows. Two shows! But seeing these guys play, it's as if they've been rocking this blissful pop forever. We just saw them at that second show of theirs, and we can definitely say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences we've had at a "rock concert" in quite some time.

Singer Jon Pierce is a showman through and through, and he's a big reason why this band was so fun to see. He bleeds confidence and oozes congeniality. Plus, there is plenty of power in his pipes.

Along with Pierce (who was in Elkland), The Drums other principal player is Pierce's longtime BFF, Jacob Graham (also in Horse Shoes). But on stage, the songwriting buds come with a crew of four (not counting a couple of female backing singers) to make their pop sound more like POP.

This band just knows how to write a song that shimmers and sparkles and jingles and jangles. It sounded like every song they played was a potential summer hit. The Drums are definitely '80s Britpop inspired, but also are into some strange activity called "surfing," so they rock a sound inspired by that obscure marine activity too.

The band lists some of their influences as being The Wake, The Smiths and Joy Division. But why not throw in some New Order too? But whatever and wherever they cull their influences, our motto has always been "breezy guitars + easy beats + dynamic vocals = bro-ham party time." The Drums' music all adds up to something that's nice and lovely and happy. And catchy; pre-tty... pre-tty... pre-tty... catchy.

The Drums play the Annex every Wednesday in June. They also play Public Assembly, on Monday, June 14th, and The Bell House, on Tuesday, June 23rd. (We'll be at that one!)


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