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Knight School = Sir-Awesome-A-Lot (worst headline ever)

April 6, 2009
Brooklyn's Knight School are another one of those good lo-fi jingle-jangle guitar bands (see: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, caUSE co-MOTION!) that seem to be sprouting up with increased velocity in the boroughs and beyond these days. But I like this sound, so the more the merrier.

We've called this genre Radio-Shack-core, we've called it Fischer-Price-pop, and we've called it slop-rock. But whatever the name, this male-female-male trio knows how to make a muddled mess sound super melodic, and that's the only real way you can ace those dreaded jingle-jangle exams.

So for making sing-able songs out of two-bit guitars and a Muppet Babies drum kit (sounds like that anyway), these Knight School graduates shall forever be known as two rock sirs and one rock dame. Well, at least until their proper full-length comes out.

Knight School play Dead Herring, on Saturday, April 11th.


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