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James Yuill kills it!

March 30, 2009
James Yuill is a twenty-something singer/songwriter from London who has been quietly creating fantastic electro-folk from the cozy confines of his flat. Yeah, we'd never heard of him either, until we stumbled across his MySpace page last year. From the opening bars of "This Sweet Love" (the first song of Yuill's we heard), we were kind of smitten.

We liked him so much, we asked him if he wanted to come all the way to the States to play our SXSW show in Austin last year. And not only did he say "yes!" but he came over and killed it! It was the best set of the show and had a surprise twist of an ending. It started as the pop-rock set we were expecting (and loving), but as a grand finale, he transformed into a totally crazy DJ Dance Master. Before we realized it, we were in one big dance den. I bet even the Justice dudes would've been a little jealous and this guy's secret skills.

But James Yuill's bread-and-butter is the pop-ness. And unlike most electro-pop, Yuill's programmed thumps never really overpower his songs; rather his machine-made samples and knob twists serve to support his intensely catchy pop choruses, often made possible with an acoustic guitar. It's this easy-going riffs that really propel these instantly addictive melodies.

Oh yeah, we should mention that Yuill can sing too. He comes armed with that smooth kind of voice that never sounds too troubled about much of anything. It's pretty darn pleasant, that's for sure.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, but we're really looking forward to this one.


James Yuill play Mercury Lounge, on Monday, April 6th.


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