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Chinese Stars play North Six

August 4, 2005
When I was little, I really wanted the Chuck Norris fighting set that had nunchucks, spears, and especially those cool (hard) plastic Chinese Stars. Sadly, I got a Speak 'n' Spell instead. Learning sucks. Fighting rules!

Providence's Chinese Stars features two members of the late, great chaotic noise-band Arab on Radar and a member of the Rhode Island electro-rock group, Six Finger Satellite. Chinese Stars, while plenty fucked up, are slightly more listenable than Arab on Radar. But you'll still hear the choppy guitars, bass-drum freakouts, and the distorted-beyond-repair vocals that are well embedded in the Providence indie music scene.

The band maintains a sense of humor throughout the disorder. Their lyrics are completely from outer space, seemingly made up on the spot and having little to no meaning or relevance. While their antics could get grating if you put their albums on repeat, they should be really fun to see live. And that's all that really matters, right?

Chinese Stars play with The Rogers Sisters at North Six, Saturday, August 6th.


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