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Deastro pops like Orville and electro-rocks like Redenbacher.

March 23, 2009
Deastro is young twenty-something singer/tech-head Randolph Chabot. As Deastro, Chabot creates electro pop songs (big emphasis on the 'pop' part) that sound much more rockin' when he plays them live, mostly because he has a full band behind him. At least he did when we saw him.

It's hard to describe this sound, because it's often all over the place. Sometimes his songs sound like an '80s arcade with all those crazy lo-fi bleeps and clicks and synthetic hijinx, and at other times his songs simply sound like bona fide chart-topping smash radio hits. Listen to "Michael the Lone Archer" and tell me that song can't go all the way to #1.

Ok, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself with the #1 thing. But this guy definitely shows potential when he contains his electronics just a little bit and lets it all out with the pretty melodies and vocals. When Deastro's on, he's really on.

Deastro plays Cake Shop, on Saturday, March 28th.


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