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pow wow! riff! riff!

March 16, 2009
Well, they certainly got the punctuation down. And Brooklyn's pow wow! have the point (with lower-case action, no less!) and the lo-fi guitar/synth pop goodness that just might capture them some of that elusive buzz.

This band is led by Edward and Jeff Nazareno (and two other dudes) and it's got a whole laid-back sunny surf vibe going on (these free-flowing keys sound just like real waves). But not in that over-produced sunny surf vibe way (would that be, like, Sugar Ray?). This is more muddled and messy and pretty much a whole lot better than Mark McGrath.

Apparently some people (the band, among others) compare pow wow! to The Smiths. And let me just say, I don't hear that similarity AT ALL. I hear a happier Velvet Underground maybe, perhaps a little bit of Abe Vigoda. But Morrissey, not so much. pow wow! could easily be the soundtrack to Endless Summer III.

pow wow! plays The Delancey, on Friday, March 20th, and Maxwell's, on Thursday, March 26th.


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