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These Bellmer Dolls are the Devil's Music.

July 28, 2005
The brutal Brooklyn band Bellmer Dolls (named for the disturbing anti-fascist sculptures of Hans Bellmer... a hint that this isn't slow, pretty stuff) features Anthony S. Malat, formerly of the underrated band Love Life.

Those brave enough to witness Bellmer Dolls' intense live performance (envision a trio of Ichabod Cranes rocking out) may be riddled with dark visions for days to come. They have taken their twisted goth-punk-noise debauchery on the road supporting bands like Prosaics, Pretty Girls Make Graves and Enon. These guys are so spooky that their new 7" was limited to 666 copies. Yikes! Go to a Bellmer Dolls show, but if you see these guys at the bar... slowly back the fuck away.

Bellmer Dolls play with Dance Disaster Movement and Kill Me Tomorrow @ Lit, Saturday, July 30th.


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