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M. Ward's curious Americana

July 21, 2005
In a perfect world, M. Ward is listened to on a backyard porch overlooking the Bayou on a hot day, a cold jug of Mississippi Mud in one hand and a fishing rod in the other. Strangely though, M. Ward is from Portland and not Baton Rouge. With a raspy croon, M. Ward spins dusty Americana yarns with help from his acoustic guitar, trusty harmonica, and a tin-pan alley piano.

His rich lyrical imagery can be compared to songwriter's like Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, Vic Chestnutt and Tom Waits. M. Ward has seen some things in his day, and his vivid retelling of them will leave you with that satisfied feeling similar to turning the last page of a great book. Put M. Ward on when you don't want to worry for a while. Take a swig, cast your line, rock back, and let the man speak.

M. Ward plays Castle Clinton, Thursday, July 21st, and Maxwells, Friday, July 22nd.


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