((Zen Mantra)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

("I'm OK. You're OK. Everything is CHILL.")

((That's my Zen Mantra.))

New Zealand's Zen Mantra is the post ____ psych pop project of Sam Perry.

You might know Perry from his other crew, Yumi Zouma, and they're totally good too but that's not important right now.

If you like space-y lo-f jingle jangle and/or listening to good bands you should peep Zen Mantra's business.

Think _____ meets ______ meets ___ and you should be on the right track.

Tired of thinking? Feel like streaming something nice instead? Sweet!

Here's a good album you may now love listening to.

(released on April 15, 2016 A.D. on the legendary Flying Nun Records)

*Christchurch, New Zealand is currently 9,121 miles from Brooklyn, U.S.A

**it is New Zealand's third most populous area behind Auckland and Wellington

***it's twin sister city is Seattle, Washington

****in 1999 it hosted the World Netball Championships

*****Netball is a seven-on-seven team sport that's derived from early versions of basketball and the hoop is called a goal ring

******it seems like the best Netball players are from New Zealand, South Africa and Australia although there are certainly some exceptions....England's had a few....Jamaica and Trinidad too

******OK gotta get off Wikipedia I've got a music blob to run

Published August 9, 2016



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