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Mikael Gregorsky
London's Yuck is a band that plays shiny, shimmering shoegaze with light and airy male/female vocal harmonies. This band reminds me of the good times I've had listening to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Good, good times with that band.

Yuck also features a couple members of the now-defunct band Cajun Dance Party. Remember them? They were really buzzy for a moment. Ah buzz, if only we knew how to sustain you, we'd all be rich rock stars.

One of the people in Yuck (the drummer, I do believe) is from New Jersey. I thought that was worth mentioning for some reason. Anyway, Yuck is a very good band that plays perfectly pleasant pop (sorta sounds like Yo La Tengo, too).

In closing, I refuse to say something like "Yuck's music isn't yuck at all," or something like that. But dang it, now that I called attention to it, I just went and said it without saying it. How do we get around this conundrum?! Maybe just by quietly ending this band profile and turning up my stereo... which happens to be playing Yuck.
Published September 9, 2010



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