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Brooklyn's Your Youth play power-garage-pop that will make you feel something resembling happiness (whatever that means). The trio's fuzzy and optimistic guitar "indie rock" (remember when that genre tag meant something super specific?) has been compared a lot to Built to Spill. We definitely hear that. But only if we're talking about There's Nothing Wrong With Love era Built to Spill and not when Built to Spill turned into Phish.

The band has also received comparisons to Weezer (yep) and Wavves (I guess?) and we say a little Superchunk might be in there too. Hey, let’s get wacky and say early Modest Mouse as well. Why not? Who cares!

Your Youth's songs are short and sweet. There's jingle. There's jangle. And there's definitely some crunch. Your Youth loves hitting those distortion pedals during the chorus.

Wait, hold the phone; a buzzy band of 2011 that uses distortion instead of synths? I don't get it. JK, guys. Just a J to the K!

Oh, how I've missed "indie rock" like this that doesn't opt for synths! It's been a long time. Thanks, Your Youth, for making all the warm feelings of 1994 come flooding back to me. I owe you one, Your Youth.

Published September 15, 2011



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