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Young Man is indeed a young man. Wow, clever way to open it up. God, I hate myself.

Young Man is 21-year-old Colin Caufield of Chicago. He writes and records dreamy, hazy and gaze-y pop-folk all from the comforts of his home (or internet café, or pool hall, or YMCA, hell, I don't know where this guy writes and records his songs).

Live, he's got a full band, though, to realize his personal vision. And speaking of live, he's recently played with Deacon of Animal Collective. Now that's an appropriate stage partner!

If you like lush folk that mixes acoustics with some subtle synths for ethereal texture, you'll like Young Man. If you like all that, but also like singers with really nice floating voices, well, Young Man just might be your new favorite band.

Young Man's album is coming out on Frenchkiss and this guy will undoubtedly be hitting the road to far off lands for quite awhile. Not bad for a young man. I disgust myself.

Up So Fast by Young Man
Published September 16, 2010



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