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Young Dreams are a young band from Bergen, Norway (that dreams). This is ethereally tender dream-pop. And that's another way of saying that this sounds like Animal Collective, which used to be another way of saying Brian Wilson. Oh, the genres they go round and round.

Now I don't know for SURE for sure because I haven't yet seen them play, but I'm fairly certain there are one thousand members in this band. Now that's what I call a collective! Ok, maybe not a thousand (people keep telling me a million times to stop exaggerating so much) but there are definitely a LOT. And when you have that many people playing instruments (Is a glockenspiel involved? Of COURSE a glockenspiel is involved!) your music can definitely go to dreamy, other-worldly territories.

You'll like Young Dreams if you like precious-enough pop. You might also like Young Dreams if you like Animal Collective and Brian Wilson. You will definitely not like Young Dreams if you like to get drunk and throw your fist through a stranger's face. Young Dreams are for lovers, not fighters. C'mon, a glockenspiel never hurt anybody.

Dream Alone, Wake Together - single version by Young Dreams
Published January 5, 2012



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