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Written by Patrick McNamara

Yeesh is a post ____ punk band from Chicago*. They are angular and noisy and melodic and tight. Well, alright!

The trio (Alex! Peter! Greg!) has been around for a bit (the first show we listed for this good band was in 2013 A.D.….and I'm just getting around to writing a profile on them now….tell me not my music blob's faults 4 I already know them) and since forming they've played a bunch of good shows with a bunch of good bands, including Pinegrove, LVL UP and Palehound to give a random good band sampling (there's a strict three band limit otherwise I'd be here listing good bands Yeesh has played with all day and we just can't have that).

Yeesh put out their debut full-length album in 2015 A.D. and as of this writing (2:07 PM 2016 A.D.) they're set to release their follow-up extremely soon (for the excellent label Tiny Engines: home to The Hotelier, Somos, Annabel, Beach Slang, Cayetana, CSTVT and many more but again I gotta cut this off so we can move on).

The new album is called “Confirmation Bias."

It's good.

And here it is!

*go Bulls….we made some key free agent acquisitions this summer...D-Wade and Rondo....now all we need is a time machine to drive us back to 2013 A.D. and we'll be back to hanging banners)

Published July 19, 2016



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