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You may know Wymond Miles as the lead guitarist in the excellent San Francisco psych-garage band, The Fresh & Onlys. They're great, aren't they?

But we're not here to talk about that band today. (Gotta stay on track, Rockness!) You should get to know Wymond Miles as "Wymond Miles" too, because his solo stuff is excellent. And it doesn't really sound like The Fresh & Onlys (stop mentioning that band!).

Miles's accessible lo-fi songs have kind of an '80s goth-pop vibe going on. You know that one jam "Win in the End" from "Teen Wolf?" Of course you do. That "Teen Wolf" jam sounds like it could be a Wymond Miles song. You heard it here first!

But moving along, Miles's songs come at you with a twinge of melancholy. While there's definitely a darkness here, that doesn't mean you can't happily sing along to these songs while you soak in Miles's malaise. It's like happy sad, you know? Yeah. You know.

You should definitely pick up Wymond Miles's fantastic new full-length debut Under the Pale Moon on the mighty Captured Tracks. And I should go re-listen to that "Teen Wolf" song. That's a good jam. "Wiiiiiin! In the end! I'm gonna win in the ennnnnnnd!"

Published May 31, 2012



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