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Written by Patrick McNamara

Winter is the "easy breezy hazy swirly synth gaze" (phew) project of LA's (by way of Brazil) Samira Winter. She recently released her full length debut album “Supreme Blue Dream" that feature ten fuzzy songs of warm and pleasant pop tendencies. You can totally stream the entire thing right now as you read the rest of this dynamic band profile if you want because I just posted it below for that very purpose. Everything I do I do it for you. You're not going to feel bad listening to this. No way. Winter brings brightness of being and memories of better days. Plus, I like the beats.

The band have recently played mostly local shows with the following good bands: Girlpool + Shannon and the Clams + The Lovely Bad Things + Upset + Puro Instinct + Roses and I mention this in hopes that these perhaps more familiar names are helpful as you determine if you should give Winter a stream... which you should already be doing by now if you took me up on my offer in the first paragraph. What are you waiting for? If not now, when, dear Rockness reader? When?

Samira has also released some solo albums (including one she sings in Portuguese) before she made the big move to LA (I hope she's settling in nicely) so if you like what you hear as you stream the album you better be streaming because why did I even go to all the trouble of sourcing/copying/pasting it if you're not even going to stream it, you can check her prior pleasant sound offerings via the World Wide Intrasphere. But start with "Supreme Blue Dream" please.

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RIYL: bondade

Published June 2, 2015



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