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We Were Promised Jetpacks

Gosh darn it, I just love this band. Perhaps I'm biased because I think Scottish rock is pretty much the best rock there is. But whatever, when I first played these guys I was smitten from the get-go. And how often does instant-smitten happen to you, dear reader? We Were Promised Jetpacks are like inspirational instrumental emo but WITH vocals! Sure, that doesn't make sense, but it also doesn't make sense how insanely melodic this young band is (they look to be about 12 years old).

And oh about those vocals, singer Adam Thompson can just straight out belt like the indie rock superstar he is soon to be. Some dude (brother) said his voice sounds like Zach Condon of Beirut. I say it sounds like a little bit of heaven. You won't find any of those gross American Idol vibratos here. It's kind of perfect.

Now if this review is overly gushing, forgive me. I haven't liked a new band as much as We Were Promised Jetpacks in quite some time. They aren't "angsty" and they're certainly not "hardcore" or even particularly "revolutionary." They're just straight-up pop good.

I walked 800 miles (The Proclaimers were also playing the show... yoinks!) to see these guys play a far out venue in Austin and the two songs I saw before my back gave out (too much BBQ in tummy) left me nothing short of emo-erotic. Their debut record is out in June on FatCat (home to Animal Collective) and it's going to be huge... in my house, anyway. Gosh darn it, I love this band.

Published April 02, 2010



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