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Written by Patrick McNamara

Good vibes. L.A.’s Wardell is a perfectly pleasant pop band comprised of brother/sister, singer Sasha and guitarist Theo (on stage, they roll four - but i don’t know the names of the synth and drummer dudes - let’s just call them Steve and Kevin or Dan and Bruce or something).

Together, these super sibs - when they’re not fighting over who gets the bigger bedroom or who gets to control the remote control or YOU GOT TO PICK THE ICE CREAM LAST NIGHT AND HAVING STRAWBERRY AGAIN IS JUST NOT FAIR I HATE YOU!!!! - create smoky sunshine pop that will have you believing in the just-made-up genre of smoky sunshine pop.

Wardell’s melodies are bright and airy and the choruses even shimmer with a most positive (slightly) psych-ness at times. But there’s also a weightiness at play too. It’s hard to describe (which a word maker is never supposed to admit - but the first rule of muzik blobs is that there are no rules and the second rule is that live music is really serious and real life). You’re not going to hear soul stirring despair made by slow notes in obvious mourning. But you’re not going to hear handclaps and “oooh ahhh ahhs” either. This falls somewhere in-between.

Think if Beach House woke up in a better mood. Maybe that might put you on the right track. But if it doesn’t, that’s cool. Feel free to find your own way. It’s your journey, man. I just blob here. Wardell also recently played some shows with Milo Greene - if that helps you get down the right road (spoiler alert: every road is neither right or wrong - just casually dusty). And how about a Best Coast comparison? Or am I just throwing that out because she’s a female vocalist and a Los Angeles-based perfectly pleasant popper too? I don’t even know anymore, guys. Whatever you think. I’m just here to serve.

So that’s it. No other curiously interesting facts about Wardell. Nope. No curiously interesting facts at all.

Oh wait! I almost totally forgot! Sasha and Theo’s last name is Spielberg. The end.

Published August 27, 2013



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