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I love bands with two drummers. All bands should have two drummers. No one ever went to a show and said, "The band was pretty good, but I thought there were just too many beats." Beats rule.

And so do Minnesota's Vampire Hands. They are an interesting band that flirts between rock (lot of guitar riffs...) and psych (that tends to go off on a journey) and ambient (...to outer space). But if you forced these four guys in a corner and made them choose between the three, I bet they'd say were a rock band.

I'm not sure what other bands to compare these guys to, and actually, can we just not do that this time? I could say The Beatles or something, but well, ok Vampire Hands are like The Beatles. Happy?

As of this writing (which is March, 2009. OMG, I'm so horribly dating myself! I feel so old! And this joke is only funny if you are reading this in the year 2045), Vampire Hands are currently on a big tour with WAVVES.

Vampire Hands is a very interesting band that I'm not going to pin down for you. I'd rather just watch them play and, especially, DRUM. Long live the beats.
Published March 26, 2009



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