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Unstoppable Death Machines

These two are indeed unstoppable. This explosive DIY punk duo is comprised of Queens-born Brooklyn-now brothers, Michael and Billy Tucci. Comparisons to Lightning Bolt immediately come to mind - raw, aggressive, destructive and entirely fun.

The brothers are dueling singers (using homemade microphones literally attached to their faces - now that's one punk pacifier) whose screams, guttural guitar riffs, and those great goddamn drums are projected right towards your head from a towering wall of speakers.

The Tucci boys have one foot in the art world as well. They play a lot of gallery spaces and recently collaborated on a well-received interactive installation in Brooklyn (aliens and robots and overall sensory overload were involved).

Yes. This is intense. But Unstoppable Death Machines aren't out to hurt anybody (or kill anyone, for that matter). It seems to me these two just want everyone to let go. I'm always down for letting go. And if that means permanent hearing damage as the result? Well, there are always pluses and minus, guys. Pluses. And. Minuses. Unstoppable Death Machines are a good band.

Published September 13, 2012



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