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Ungdomskulen (pronounce it at your own risk) are three noisy Norwegians that kick some serious Kroner! They've got a spazzy math rock (with maybe a bit of prog and, sure, let's say garage, too) vibe thing going on, and like to go all low and guttural with their guitars.

The bass lines are BFF's with angles, and will wage war on anything circular (rounded edges don't ROCK, after all). And the big time drums rein in all the wayward rhythms with rock-steady persistence and, when called for, aggressive percussive intimidation. Don't think this drummer doesn't bust out the cowbell on occasion too, because hell yeah he does.

If you ever see Ungdomskulen live (and I highly suggest you do) you will probably leave the show thinking, "Well, THAT rocked." And really, what more can you ask for from your rock show than that?

This band is for fans of similarly sludgy bands like The Jesus Lizard and The Melvins, the vocals of The Rapture (particularly on their song "Spartacus") and the angularity of this one band Tornavalanche that no one really ever heard of but I really liked and it's a shame they weren't more popular --- but I digress.
Published September 17, 2009



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