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Twi The Humble Feather

With a name like Twi (rhymes with 'high') the Humble Feather, you might be able to guess what these guys sound like. That's right, DECIBEL DESTRUCTION AND ANARCHY! Actually, no. This harmonious trio, in fact, makes music that does sound rather humble and does seem as gentle as a feather.

This is tender dream-fantasy-pop (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) full of falsettos and made mostly with acoustic guitars and some computers. It's similar to that of Animal Collective, Panda Bear and Miracle Fortress (mixed with some Philip Glass). But of all those bands, Twi's music is the mildest in a calming, placid sort of way.

Listening to this is as relaxing as reading Walden Pond on a porch somewhere far away from here. They sound as if something very smart and trained and classical is going on. And even though I am none of these things, thankfully I can still enjoy what I hear. It's precious, not pretentious. Check them out and just wait for all your worried knots to surely unravel.

Finale - Twi The Humble Feather by Million Records
Published August 21, 2008



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