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Turrks (formerly known as Bipolar Bear)

LA's Bipolar Bear (another awesome bear band name that's almost as awesome as Crystal Quick Bear Heart) are a messily melodic lo-fi band that rocks out better than my blown-out speakers. And my blown-out speakers seriously ROCK THE HELL OUT. Ask my upstairs neighbors what they can do. Their winces and cringes will tell you everything you need to know.

These four dudes in Bipolar Bear lean heavily on the guitars and the bass and drums and the distortion. Granted, I just described pretty much every rock 'n roll band that's ever played, but I mean it with these guys. If you can get past the layers of sludge (made possible by probably-expensive microphones and amps meant to sound like crap), you'll hear that these guys know how to write a nice (albeit loud) pop song.

And oh hey, these guys are part of that whole ferociously noisy (but somehow impossibly poppy) D.I.Y. Smell scene, and we always need more bands from that small scene that suddenly went BOOM.

As of this writing, Bipolar Bear have a record coming out on the better-by-the-record label, Mexican Summer (Washed Out, Kurt Vile, Ariel Pink and tons more) and will undoubtedly get their tour on. Look out, 'cuz they're coming.
Published September 30, 2009



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