((tUnE-YaRds)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

tUnE-YaRds is the incredibly out-there experimental pop project of Vermont's Merrill Garbus. So what is this all about? That's not a rhetorical question. I'm asking.

Using a digital voice recorder and some shareware software, Garbus has created a musical world that's unlike any musical world I've been in before, that's for sure. These songs are like a strange hybrid of reggae, soul, folk, funk, tribal and punk... I guess. Can this possibly sound like M.I.A.'s rhythms meets Danielson's vocals meets Arrested Development's "Tennessee" mixing meets Beirut's worldliness meets Ponytail's jungle percussion?

Ok no, that's a big time stretch (Arrested Development?!). Really, this doesn't sound like anything. And while I'm not sure if I can rock out to this (ukulele finger-picking solos over machine beats aren't quite the same as killer guitar licks), I certainly appreciate the magical originality.

And if you're going to officially spell your band tUnE-YaRds, well, originality better follow. So I'll ask again. What is this all about? Better have another few listens and see if it comes to me. I'm not holding my breath at enlightenment any time soon though.
Published October 21, 2009



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