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Melbourne's Total Control is a rapid fire synth-punk-gloom band featuring Mikey Young of Eddy Current Supression Ring and a thousand other bands. OK. Maybe not a thousand. I've been told a million times to stop exaggerating. Anyway, they're really good. But I guess that goes without saying since you're reading this in a section called Bands We Like.

This band (who live on the other side OF THE WORLD, nbd) bust out the fast and fuzzy lo-fi keyboard jams that will make all you lovers (not fighters) want to bob and weave the night way. You'll work up a sweat. And when it's all over and you're told to go home you shall be cleansed of your toxins and free from all other worldly desires. Wait. That's probably a little too heavy on the hyperbole. Overuse of hyperbole is the WORST THING EVER.

Forget all that. Go see Total Control and at the very least you'll leave feeling satisfied that you got your $8 worth of entertainment for the evening. Also, considering Total Control came from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD to play for you the least you can do is show up. It's not all about you and your couch, guys.

If you want to play the contemporary band comparison game (it's OK - I obviously like to play it too): think Iceage meets Thee Oh Sees meets Black Marble. I guess. Now stop thinking. And start blasting Total Control. And start living. Live, goddamn it. Live!

Published March 21, 2013



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