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Written by Patrick McNamara

Told Slant is a lo-fi bedroom punk* band from Brooklyn led by Felix Walworth. They make (mostly) sad sparse songs soaked in ennui. You can sing along and feel bad and then feel better. It's good shit.

Since forming in 20__ A.D. (I'll have my dedicated team of DIY music blob researchers get on the exact date ASAP) the band has played some big time shows, including recently with Modern Baseball and Joyce Manor and The Hotelier and Thin Lips and Girlpool and LVL UP. Please note: those six bands rule. You heard it here SIXTH.

As of this writing (1:19 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) Told Slant recently released their second album (on the excellent NYC label, Double Double Whammy). It's called “Going By" and it's good and you may listen to it and feel sad / bad / better now.

RIYL: I dunno... Sufjan meets Youth Lagoon meets Xiu Xiu meets early Modest Mouse?... or whoever you think, I just blob here

File Under: A Good Band

*I took “bedroom punk" straight from their Facebook “About Us" page: just keeping you in the loop

Published July 26, 2016



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