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Toad the Wet Sprocket

Toad the Wet Sprocket? OMG, what does that even mean! So silly! I used to like this band in the '90s right about the time I outgrew my pogoball (let's just say it wasn't meant for high school use).

These guys were one of the first "alternative" bands (i.e. any rock band that didn't wear make-up). Or, maybe they were one of the first "college" bands (i.e. any rock band that didn't wear leather-laced pants). Anyway, for the longest time I thought Toad the Wet Sprocket was British. Sadly, I later learned they're from Santa Barbara, California. There goes your edge, dudes.

Remember the video for Toad's first hit, "All I Want?" When I first saw it, I was like, "Is that Michael Stipe looking for his religion again?" and then I thought, "Why does Michael Stipe have such weird gums?" The band's other hit song in those early days was "Walk on the Ocean." Now, I always thought the chorus was pretty weak (you know, the "step on a stone" drone), but watch that video for a good reminder of what '90s haircuts looked like. "Hey barber, can you make my hair look like it's a bowl? And, you know, can you give the top some of that Hugh Grant flop?"

But enough about Toad's videos. I'm pretty sure these guys broke up for awhile there (Glen Phillips had to do his solo thing), but now they're back playing their greatest hits again. But I hope they don't play that one creepy song about tying that girl down until she stops breathing. Glen Phillips says "What the fuck" many times in that song. And profanity in music is something I do not, and will not, abide.
Published November 17, 2008



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