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The Whitest Boy Alive

The Whitest Boy Alive, by way of Berlin and Norway, want to make it positively clear to anyone visiting their website that they are now a band that "doesn't use any programmed elements." They used to use programmed elements in their band, but now, just so you know, they don't. At all.

These four guys are rightfully proud of the fact that man is able to out-duel the machine at its own syncopated game.And to the naked ear, this certainly sounds like programmed electro-chill. But I guess that's The Whitest Boy Alive's point; they're able to painstakingly duplicate with their instruments what a quick click of a button can also do.

This is sure more interesting to watch live. Give me laid-back strummers over knob-twiddlers any day. And hey, singer Erlend Oye is also in that other quietly sublime band, The Kings of Convenience. The Whitest Boy Alive is for fans of White Williams and Royksopp.
Published November 29, 2007



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