((The Twilight Sad)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

What is it about a strong Scottish accent that sounds so awesome in song? The wonderfully thick brogue just seems to go well with melody, and it's a big reason why I once thought, circa 1993, Trashcan Sinatras were the best band in the world.

Glasgow's The Twilight Sad, and specifically singer James Graham, rock a regional dialect that's to die for it. But above and beyond Graham's distinct voice, The Twilight Sad are just a really talented band. They're what can be described maybe as hard-pop with an ambient slant.

The four guys have four-minute guitar anthems that are undeniably catchy and sing-a-long-able, but they also throw in strange stuff like theremins, thumb pianos, and saws to add a noisy and eccentric complexity to their verse-chorus-verse format.

So basically, you can hold up a lighter to their positively swelling songs and not feel guilty for doing so. The Twilight Sad are a good band with a really good record already under their young belts. And they have a cool accent.
Published April 23, 2009



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