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Written by Patrick McNamara

Baltimore's The Snails is a FUN band that features two members of Future Islands (frontman Samuel T. Herring + guitarist William Cashion) and a revolving cast of members from some other bands you maybe have heard of (Lower Dens, to name one...I'll let you research the others). Because of this The Snails are being described as a “supergroup"....and then inevitably the “of sorts" is attached to the statement too....as in, “The Snails is a supergroup of sorts…."

I'm telling you, man. Start looking for “of sorts" immediately after the word “supergroup" when you peruse the writings of the leading music blobs and you'll start seeing it ALL the time.

The Snails is a supergroup of sorts....

The Snails, a supergroup of sorts,.....

In terms of supergroups, The Snails is one of sorts....

But anyway, The Snails have released some stuff since forming in 2008 (seemingly just for fun - that sounds right). Most recently, they gave the world the ten song album “Songs From The Shoebox" on Valentine's Day (awwwww) in 2016 A.D. which you can stream to your #heart's content directly below these really great words. Please note: this album released on Valentine's Day also includes a Christmas song. The Snails: so festive!

As of this writing (9:21 AM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) the band is currently on tour throughout the East Coast and you should go see them if you live near there because (depending on what kind of emotional weight you're carrying with you to the show) they should most likely put you in a better mood and who doesn't want to feel a little bit better about all of us being doomed?

Please enjoy listening to The Snails now.

This is just fun, yo. And how about that sax, tho!

Published March 8, 2016



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