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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Brooklyn's The Pains of Being Pure At Heart are a sweetly swirling shoegazy guitar/bass/keys trio that taps into the layered "college-rock" lushness of 1991. Think a more saccharine version of Jesus & Mary Chain (minus their feedback freakouts) meets a more delicate version of My Bloody Valentine (ditto above) meets the jingle guitar jangle (and name appropriateness) of Sugar.

The Pains (as those in the know call them) play nice indie-pop that taps into nostalgic feeling. The songs from their self-released EP could easily be the soundtrack to your old locked, and now lost, diary. The music just may take you back to that first time you ever held a boy or girl's hand at the roller skating rink, or were ever dumped like a sad sack of potatoes your sophomore year. And if you've never been dumped, well, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is not the band for you. Jock Jams would be more up your alley.
Published April 23, 2009



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