((The Notwist)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

We thought for sure we'd written about these guys on Rockness, considering we've been into The Notwist for so long. But we hadn't written a word and we finally figured out why. The last time Germany's The Notwist played our shores was shortly before the birth of Oh My Rockness (are we wrong on this?). Well, that explains it. To paraphrase a song by Oxford Collapse, time is certainly marching away.

It's hard to believe this band's modern classic Neon Golden album came out six years ago. Six years! If you remember, it was the Funeral of 2002 before anyone knew Arcade Fire. Everyone loved it.

The Notwist released a ton of albums before that great one, but they were all weird and not very rock at all. But something sure clicked for them in 2002 and they became one of the oldest "it" bands. But that's all history. Now, finally, The Notwist are playing again in support of a new record. It's called The Devil, You + Me and while it's too early to tell if it's good enough for them to take another six year hiatus, it's good to know they're around again.

Oh yeah, what do they sound like? Well, good old glitchy melodic pop with a bit of ambience. In other words, they sound like The Notwist.
Published June 11, 2008



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