((The Kadane Brothers)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I've eaten up everything Matt and Bubba Kadane have ever done (well, not literally all you literalists out there, because everyone knows you can't eat songs! HA-HA!). My love for these two Texan bro-hams started when they were both in Bedhead. If you liked hushed indie-rock (sorry, I guess it's called "slo-core"... thanks for nothing, Codeine) with gently plucked guitars that sometimes found a way to rock out, you most likely liked Bedhead back in the day.

But just as the '90s were ending, these brothers decided to put Bedhead to bed (boom), and Matt and Bubba started collaborating on something new; The New Year (double boom). If you liked hushed-indie rock with gently... oh you get it. The New Year sounded pretty much exactly like Bedhead.

Apparently The New Year is no longer, because I haven't heard anything from them in years, and now the two are playing again as "The Kadane Brothers." I imagine they'll at least play some old Bedhead/New Year stuff during their set. But who knows, maybe they've morphed into a nu-metal band. I'll find out soon enough. I'm sure I'll eat it all up (WAIT A MINUTE, YOU CAN'T EAT SONGS! HAHA!).
Published May 8, 2008



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