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Ho-hum, just another solid Scottish band. Like Mogwai, Belle and Sebastian and yes, even Idlewild (I may get murmurs for that one). The Delgados just know how to write a hook. They give you instantly catchy melodies that are strengthened by their wonderful orchestral sound and incredibly tight rhythms.

And they're getting better as they get older. Usually, after a band releases a few albums they feel the urge, or pressure, to mature. Unfortunately maturing as a band usually means messing everything up, going experimental, and playing notes your band was never meant to play (Joan of Arc, I'm looking in your direction). But not The Delgados, even with five records under their belt. They got older and wanted to make a "pop" album. A refreshing goal, I think, unless you're Liz Phair.

Their most recent album, Universal Audio, more than succeeds in its catchiness and hummability, but it's not all superficiality. Their melodies are still complex and their musicianship has never been better. Long live Scotland.

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Published November 11, 2004



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