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There is no easy categorization for a band like this. (That's a writer's trick so you can't fault them for their corresponding categorization). The Big Pink is a London duo comprised of Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze. Together, they make straight-up anthems that just sound BIG. These excitingly eclectic sounds could fill arenas, but thankfully these two are still playing small clubs... for now.

When we listen to The Big Pink we hear something that vaguely resembles shoegaze, but their music has way more emphasis on electro beats than guitar swirls to just leave it at that. Sometimes the vocals and some of the hazy sonic textures sound a little like Animal Collective, too. So maybe we can call The Big Pink rock-anthem-shoegaze-dream-electro-pop? But if we called it that, we'd be dumb.

Gang Gang Dance recently remixed the band's exceptional song "Velvet" and made it sound like a crazy (as in deranged) club hit. It's pretty much awesome.

Our friend in Norway (that's kind of like having a girlfriend in Canada) hyped The Big Pink up to us a few months back, so they've already seemed to seep into the consciousness of the indie music geeks in Europe. The hype train is undoubtedly headed its way here too.

The band just signed to 4AD, they're recording a full-length in NYC, and they're set to play a bunch of big festivals (including Oya Fest, which is one of the best outdoor festivals we have ever been to) this summer.

Just listen to them or, even better, go see them. If you come away thinking rock-anthem-shoegaze-dream-electro-pop, well, our job here is done. If not, sorry!
Published June 18, 2009



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